Tips on Buying a Bike!

Riding a bike with one kid in the front, one behind and a dog running on a leash is a common sight in the Netherlands. The Dutch use bikes to carry everything and everybody from an infant to an oldie! Bike is the main mode of transport for 30 percent residents in Netherlands. Dedicated cycle paths, safe and protected intersections,  easy-to-find cycle parking along with preferential treatment by car owners are few compelling reasons to own a bike when living in Netherlands. So let’s help you buy one!

Buy a new or old bike?

I would say buy an old one as bike theft is rampant. There is a huge second-hand market for bikes in the form of Facebook groups, second hand shops and second hand goods portal like A decent bike costs anywhere between 80 to 150 euros. There is no upper price limit in case of used bikes depending on your preferences. Invest in buying a good quality wheel lock and a chain lock to keep the bike safe.

Wish to accessorize it?

  1. Basket in the front
  2. Bags at both sides of the back wheel
  3. Bike light front and back; a must in winters
  4. There are DIY (do it yourself) puncture kits available
  5. Helmet is preferred but not mandatory; for kids too.
  6. You can get free air for the tyres at any bike store or bike repair shop
  7. You may buy an old cycle and get a new child seat fixed. Check, etc. for the entire collection with prices
  8. There are no expressive rules for riding a bike. However, it’s good to know a few. gives valuable information about everything you need to know about cycling in Netherlands

From where to buy an old bike?

  2. Neighbourhood bike repair shop
  3. Bike stores also sell second-hand bikes

Looking to buy a new one?

  1. Check
  2. Local bike shop in the neighbourhood

Prevent bike theft

  • Register your bike at the place of purchase or online, free-of-charge
  • For your own record, write down the manufacturer, model number, colour and any other unique identifying characteristics of your bike
  • The Dutch police has a bicycle registration card for this information. If your bike gets stolen, you can submit this card with your police report
  • Engrave your bike, even if it has a serial number. Most Dutch cities provide this service free-of-charge. It makes it easier to check whether a second-hand bike has been stolen, and it’s a visible deterrent against theft
  • Install a theft prevention chip or  a small GPS tracker to hide on your bike. It informs on the location of the bike and  makes it easier for police to get it back
  • This information is sourced from

Has your bike been stolen?

  • Contact the police by phone (0900 8844) or you can fill in a police report online
  • Submit a police report to add your bike to the stolen bicycle registry maintained by the Dutch police
  • You also need the police report for insurance reasons
  • Without making a police report you will definitely not get your bicycle back, so it’s still worth the time even if chances are slim
  • This information is sourced from

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