Save Money = Earn Money!

Euro Savings

Campina is a household name and a variety of products are used on a daily basis such as milk, curd, butter to name a few. Wondering how does that help you save money?

  1. All products bearing a campina logo come with a 10 digit number codecampina
  2. Visit and register on
  3. Fill the code in the orange box on the top right corner
  4. 2.5 or 5 euros are credited to your account; they are credits and not actual money
  5. Go to the loyalty shop on the same website and shop for options
  6. There are discounts on day-outings, beauty products, wellness, fashion accessories and much more
  7. For instance ticket to Madurodam is available at 30% discount and they can be redeemed by using euro credits accumulated from using Campina’s products

Albert Heijn (AH) Bonus Card

Visit and register with your details. Ask for the bonus cardBonuskaart-1
at the AH counter and enjoy great savings delivered to your inbox regularly. AH sends customized offers to your inbox based on your previous purchases (bonus card records all your purchases!). Add your Airmiles card to Bonus card and enjoy greater rewards!

What is Airmiles Card?

Visit and register to receive Air-Miles-kaart-voorzijde_shaduwan air-miles card to enjoy great benefits. You earn points by purchasing with the partners namely AH, Shell, Etos, Praxis, Essential and The accumulated air-miles can be redeemed for exciting offers including a cash back at AH!

Kruidvat Photo Card

It can be purchased at the store and the card details can be linked to Jouw-naam-backyour online account at In case of card loss, a new card can be linked to the existing online account without losing any accumulated points. It helps you buy some free products by using points and also sends amazing deals straight to your inbox.

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Author: Livinginhague

I am Varsha living in The Hague since 2013 with my husband and almost 3 year old son Mihir! I love to travel and explore with my son and that's where I get the motivation to write this blog. Follow along to have a fantastic stay in Netherlands!

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