4 top things to do in Delft

Toy Hotel in Delft

Yes, you read that right! Its more like a repair hotel for the hugs (famously called knuffels in Dutch). Its called a knuffel hotel where the kids get their worn out hugs; they stay in the hotel for a day or two and the kids return to take home the repaired hug. The idea is to make the knuffel ready as soon as possible as both kids and adults have serious emotional value attached to these hugs. People travel from long distances to get their old soft toy repaired; sometimes toys that are even 30 years old . The hotel owner makes a special effort to keep the character of the toy intact while repairing it. There is a long waiting list to get the next appointment. If this is not enough, they also publish a newspaper writing about what the toys are upto in the hotel to assure the owners about the well-being of their valuables! See the picture below.Simply Unbelievable!

I am not sure if you could simply go and visit the hotel but I could not stop myself from writing about it anyway! Check the website here.


Are you looking for a water playground wdw2here you can relax and watch kids play from a close distance? Head to Delftsehout; it has a sandy beach and shallow water (max 50 cm). The water is clean enough for swimming and it’s a fantastic place for a day outing with friends and family. Pack your picnic lunch and have lots of fun!

Where? Korftlaan 3a, 2616 LJ Delft (behind IKEA, Delft) When? Open daily between April 1 and October 1 from 10:00 to  16:30

What else to do there?

It’s the favorite hangout place for Delft folks! Go for a leisure walk in the wilderness,  visit the petting zoo with kids or check out the camping site here for an adventurous stay!

Guided Tour of Delftware Pottery

Royal Delft;establisRoyal Delfthed in 1653, is the last remaining Delftware factory from the 17th century. The world-famous Royal Delftware is still entirely hand-painted according to centuries-old tradition. A visit to Royal Delft entails a painting demonstration and a visit to the factory where the authentic production process can be seen. The tour is FREE of charge. In the showroom you will find a comprehensive collection of hand painted Delft Blue and souvenirs.

Where? Royal Delft Rotterdamseweg 196 2628 AR Delft Tel.: +31 (0)15-251 20 30 When? November to March, Monday – Saturday  9:00 – 17:00, Sunday 12:00 – 17:00     April– October 2014, Monday – Sunday 9:00 – 17:00

Avontura Delft


The indoor playground is open  from Wednesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00 and costs 7.50 for unlimited play per child. Infants and adults go free. It is closed in summers when temperatures exceed 25 degrees! It is a 12 minute walk from the Delft Station.

They have many playgrounds for children of different age groups (upto 12 years). Kids can jump on trampolines, shoot cannon balls or make ball rain, drive in an electric car, play football and basketball at the sports field, slide with parents on the family slide or have a dark adventure on the pirate slide, slide on long and winding toboggan and enjoy many other exciting activities. The small(est) children can play in the toddler square while parents relax in the Horeca square!



Author: Livinginhague

I am Varsha living in The Hague since 2013 with my husband and almost 3 year old son Mihir! I love to travel and explore with my son and that's where I get the motivation to write this blog. Follow along to have a fantastic stay in Netherlands!

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