Cheap Taxi Service to Schipol Airport

Taxi Bus Den Haag                Call 063-319-1940

  • They provide 4 and 8 seater taxis at reasonable prices
  • Tariffs
    • Schipol Airport- 55 € (1-4 persons)  & 67 € (4-8 persons)
    • Rotterdam Airport- 37 € (1-4 persons)  & 46 € (4-8 persons)
    • For rest of the tariff info click  here
    • They are available 24*7!
    • Email-
    • Call 0633191940
  • They also provide shifting services that includes transporting boxes, suitcases etc. (not cupboards, beds etc.)
  • The city taxi rates are also reasonable and can be checked on the website

Schipol Taxi Pendel              Call 070-354-8658

  • This is a shared airport taxi service that also offers home pick ups and drops
  • One way ride to Schipol/Amsterdam Airport costs
    • 40 euros for 1-2 persons (Return is 70 euros)
    • 50 euros for 3 persons (Return is 90 euros)
    • 60 euros for 4 persons (Return is 110 euros)
    • 70 euros for 5-8 persons (Return is 130)
  • Return trip can be scheduled at another date and time according to your return flight
  • To know about tariffs to other airports in Netherlands (Rotterdam , Eindhoven etc, please click  here
  • Contact: Tel- 070 3548658 & .

Bla-Bla Car

It connects private drivers with free seats with passengers looking for a ride. The ride can be shared across Netherlands and also to other countries. It is a wonderful arrangement for single travellers. Find out how it works?

  • Just enter your departure and arrival points and your travel date, then choose a driver going your way. If you have a question, you can ask the driver before booking.
  • Check out the drivers’ trusted profiles, including ratings left for them by other members. Some drivers approve the booking automatically, others manually.
  • Book and pay for your seat online. You’ll get the driver’s phone number to arrange the final details, as well as a booking code.
  • If the driver cancels, you’ll be refunded according to the terms of cancellation policy of Bla-Bla car
  • For instance, the approximate cost from Hague to Schipol is 4 euros per seat!




Author: Livinginhague

I am Varsha living in The Hague since 2013 with my husband and almost 3 year old son Mihir! I love to travel and explore with my son and that's where I get the motivation to write this blog. Follow along to have a fantastic stay in Netherlands!

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