Exchanging Driving License for Expats

Getting your driving license exchanged for a valid Dutch license is a simple process and takes just a day. Do you wish to drive in Europe but are procrastinating to exchange your original driving license (issued in home country) for Dutch license? I was also like you and delayed the simple process for 2 long years. Even if you don’t own a car, renting one is always an option; so keep the license ready to enjoy the freedom and the thrill of driving on European roads. See the simple 6 steps below.

  1. You can either make an online appointment with one of the city municipality offices here to save time (Gemeente office) or walk into one of the offices to make one. Most offices also have walk-ins  in the morning few days a week.
  2. The cost of exchanging the license is around 40 euros and can be paid only in PIN
  3. Which 6 documents you must take?
    • Passport copy
    • Resident Permit copy
    • Original existing license and its copy
    • 1 Passport size photo (good likeness, in colour and taken straight from the front)
    • Document certifying that you (your husband) are covered under 30% tax ruling. Even if the spouse is not working the tax office sends the letter to the working partner and that can be used for this purpose
    • Declaration of Suitability/Medical form – It is commonly called CBR form which is equivalent to a self-assessed medical form declaring you are fit to drive. With a DigiD and good knowledge of Dutch language, a digital version can be obtained at mijn.cbr.nl. I paid around 25 euros (in 2016) and purchased, filled and submitted at the counter near Hague (Sir Winston Churchill Avenue 297, 2288 DC Rijswijk). This link gives you information about filling the medical form. After submitting, it takes upto 4 weeks to receive a decision letter by post. That decision letter is another document one needs to submit at the municipality office along with other 5 mentioned above. Few of my friends got it done without CBR but I was specifically asked to submit one. You may call the city office in case of any doubt
  4. Once these 6 documents have been submitted at the municipality office and license exchange payment made (only pin), you receive a receipt and an acknowledgment of holding the original license
  5. It takes upto 6 weeks to receive a confirmation by post stating the license has been approved and issued. Post that, one can go and collect the Dutch driving license on producing a valid ID card at the municipality office (not later than 3 months)
  6. The original license is sent to the embassy of you respective country which can be collected post collection of Dutch license

See, its that simple.


Author: Livinginhague

I am Varsha living in The Hague since 2013 with my husband and almost 3 year old son Mihir! I love to travel and explore with my son and that's where I get the motivation to write this blog. Follow along to have a fantastic stay in Netherlands!

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