Split – Base for My Kind of Wonders

Watch and enjoy the aerial view of Croatian coastline while approaching Split. It is one of the most famous destinations with tourists and rightly so.

Things to do in Split


  • Promenade Riva; the pedestrian thoroughfare overlooking Split port is the favourite place for both tourists and locals for food, shopping and sightseeing tips
  • The boulevard plaza is host to several restaurants and evening market selling very interesting stuff like a miniature drum set in a soda can!
  • We visited the Diocletian Palace; a 1700 year old Roman palace where 3000 people actually live now. Unless, you are deeply interested into Roman history; you may skip the guided tour and just stroll around the crowded palace with a stroller (there are not as many steps). Don’t be surprised if you spot a big fat rat sightseeing with you. TipDon’t buy Souvenirs from expensive shops inside the palace


  • Split has a cathedral and several museums if you are interested. We were too fascinated with azure waters and headed straight to the beach
  • Dash to the crowded and famous Bacvice beach and spot local people playing their local game PICIGIN! Renting a lounge chair costs HRK50 but its recommended as it’s a sandy beach and gets very hot. Lockers are also available for storing valuables


  • There are other water sports like Scuba Diving (no experience needed), Cliff Jumping, Snorkeling, Kayaking etc. that one can enjoy in and around Split
  • There are various other exciting tours that run from Split like Blue Lagoon, 5 island tour, Blue and Green Cave tour. Split should only be used as a base to visit the magical beaches and islands mentioned here. Plan your itinerary to spend more time on these lovely islets! 
  • For more information about sailing trips and boat excursions from Split visit http://www.excursion-split.com. If this does not match your interests, visit http://happytovisit.com for more suggestions

I would strongly suggest to skip the crowded and not so clean city beach and sail to nearby and almost isolated islands of Solta, Rogac etc. on a speed boat and enjoy the pristine beaches with crystal clear waters. I highly recommend doing this excursion with kids.

  • We went on a half day trip (3 to 8pm; lunch included) to nearby islands of Rogac and Solta on an 8-seater speed boat. The boat, fellow passengers and the skipper were just awesome
  • The boat, undoubtedly goes very fast so be prepared to have an adventure.  In the middle of the deep blue sea, we had second thoughts about getting our 2.5 years old son but he seemed to be enjoying more than the rest of us. Along the way, we got jolted up and down by the waves and got lightly drenched too!
  • At the island, we were given few hours to explore the place and enjoy magical views and waters. We all went crazy playing in the water, dancing with the waves and actually see fish while snorkeling in shallow waters. Click here to watch the FUN!
  • We were also provided with delicious vegetarian lunch at a restaurant located just at the shore
  • Rest assured; the crew was very friendly, mindful of safety and extremely experienced. I recommend Toto Travels situated just opposite the Church
  • Sharing few pictures to give you a virtual tour that might prompt you to booking tickets already

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What to keep in your hand bag at all times?

  • Sunscreen for adults and children (apply generously to prevent tanning)
  • Swimming costume obviously
  • Towels
  • Body Lotion (skin tends to get very dry)
  • Water Bottle
  • Cash in local currency
  • Water proof pouches for phones
  • Slippers or other waterproof footwear (crocs) for both adults and kids
  • Easy to wear dress on costume/bikini
  • Inflatable rings or hand rings for kids
  • Spare clothes for kids with baby lotion
  • Sun Hat or Cap for all
  • Go Pro if you are a sports enthusiast
  • Most tour operators include Snorkeling Gear in their itinerary; however you may buy one if you intend to stay longer on the island!

Like me in case you are also wondering ”Why the water of Adriatic Sea is so clear?”, I got the answer ready for you. The Adriatic Sea is part of the Mediterranean Sea which is considered by oceanographer as some sort of marine desert. Micro-organisms concentration in Mediterranean waters are quite low which results in overall low particles concentration, allowing sunlight to penetrate as deep as 120 meters in some places. This makes the water look very clear .(Source: https://www.quora.com/Why-is-the-water-of-the-Adriatic-Sea-so-clearScuba)




Author: Livinginhague

I am Varsha living in The Hague since 2013 with my husband and almost 3 year old son Mihir! I love to travel and explore with my son and that's where I get the motivation to write this blog. Follow along to have a fantastic stay in Netherlands!

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