Why take the online Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program?

Many thanks to bigger and better developments in my life, I was away from work for a few years. When I was ready to get back into action and had enough time on my hand, I explored opportunities worthy of my time that not only gave me the flexibility to work on my own terms but were equally exciting to pursue. Being an expat myself, I started writing a blog helping fellow expats cope better in a new country. DMND

I was thrilled about my new project but realized that the blog was not attracting much attention. The inherent flaw was the limited audience approach as the reader base was restricted to that particular country and a tiny one indeed! This obstacle got me thinking about new ways and measure to improve my blog performance. On researching, I figured Facebook and LinkedIn are not the only platforms to market content but there is much more that goes behind digital marketing. Simultaneously, I did not stop thinking about taking up an online course to develop a new skill set and relaunch my career.    

I was hugely satisfied with the concept of Nanodegrees offered by Udacity. They offer 360 degree understanding of the topic and possibility of getting hired together with continuous career support. I was on the lookout for non-tech courses and the moment Udacity introduced Digital Marketing, I knew this was my calling and I enrolled for it. It provides a broad understanding of digital marketing platforms and empowers individuals to find jobs in similar disciplines. Additionally, it promised the flexibility I needed and an opportunity to learn from the industry experts. The few projects completed so far sure go a long way in enhancing my understanding of the digital marketing ecosystem. Looking forward to incorporating the best digital marketing practices in my personal blog and relaunching my career in a new avatar as ‘Digital Marketer’.